The Boulevard Rule is an important legal concept in Maryland and effects thousands of Maryland drivers every year.  Under Maryland Vehicle Law, the Boulevard Rule states as follows:  Md. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-403 . Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection or through highway

(a) Signs authorized. — Preferential right-of-way at an intersection may be indicated by stop signs or yield signs placed in accordance with the Maryland Vehicle Law.

(b) Stopping at entrance to through highway. — If the driver of a vehicle approaches a through highway, the driver shall:

(1) Stop at the entrance to the through highway; and

(2) Yield the right-of-way to any other vehicle approaching on the through highway.

(c) Stopping in obedience to stop signs. — If a stop sign is placed at the entrance to an intersecting highway, even if the intersecting highway is not part of a through highway, the driver of a vehicle approaching the intersecting highway shall:

(1) Stop in obedience to the stop sign; and

(2) Yield the right-of-way to any other vehicle approaching on the intersecting highway.

(d) Approaching intersection marked by yield sign. — If a “yield” sign facing the driver of a vehicle is placed on the approach to an intersection, the driver shall:

(1) Approach the intersection with caution;

(2) Yield the right-of-way to any other vehicle approaching on the other highway; and

(3) If necessary, stop in order to yield this right-of-way.

Now I know that is a lot of “legalese”, let me put it in simple terms.  If another driver has a stop sign, yield sign, or must yield the right of way to a car on another road then that driver MUST be certain that he or she is able to enter onto that roadway without obstructing or hindering traffic.  For example, you are at a stop sign and attempting to make a right turn onto a roadway.  Then you must be certain that you can turn right without causing an accident.

In cases such as these, the driver who must yield right of way is 100% at fault for the accident!  Many people mistakenly believe that if the non-yielding driver was speeding or otherwise breaking the law then this rule does not apply.  This is a hard and fast rule in Maryland.

Now how can this affect your claim for injuries resulting from a car accident?  First, the insurance company will try to deny that their driver was at fault.  They will attempt to use any means necessary to deny liability for the accident.  By using the Boulevard Rule, an attorney can almost always get the insurance company to accept liability for the accident.  This is key to getting your car fixed, getting a rental car if needed, and getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

The next step is to get the compensation you deserve for your personal injuries.  The Boulevard Rule is key to keeping your case out of court and getting a settlement that is fair.  If the insurance company forces you to sue them for damages, they know that you will win!  Then all they can fight about is how much money you deserve.  Having a Maryland Attorney who understands this rule and how to use it is key to getting a settlement that you deserve for your auto accident.